Grassroots Activism in Europe Making a difference for the most vulnerable

Collective creation in Szeged

International Grassroots Workshop 2012, Visegrad

Girls playing (Genuine Pearl Foundation)

Participants at Romanian grassroots meeting

Genuine Pearl Foundation arts class

Pictures from the summer camp in Viterbo (EN)

Events — Local events
Hunor Király

See some pictures taken during the day-camp, and a short description from Ylenia.

A New Rainbow Over Viterbo (EN)

Events — Local events
Hunor Király

The Italian mini-project Living Colours: A New Rainbow Over Viterbo is a follow-up of the mini-project from 2013. (See more about it: the description of the 2013 project here , and blog posts about it here .) Viterbo is a small town in Latio, on the border of Tuscia and

Let's Open the Golden Gate Wider (EN)

Events — Local events
Hunor Király

The project is the follow-up of last year's The Golden Gate Is Open project in Pécs, Hungary. One of the main elements of the project is a summer day-camp for disatvantaged children with involvment of local and nationwide grassroots, parents and university students. It aims to change the whole local education system. See how it works.

Integration As a Community Experience - a Hungarian mini-project (EN)

Events — Local events
Hunor Király

One of the Hungarian mini-projects in 2014, Integration as a Community Experience was recently launched.

“We would like to offer an eye-opener experience to educators. A buzz. A better understanding through an experience and feelings to a positive judgement of integration.” the implementers explain. See how they do it.

ESP-Making a Difference final WEB.pdf


The 'Making a difference for the most vulnerable' publication, edited by Király Hunor, captures the experience of grassroots organizations part of the Grassroots Europe network in implementing joint actions and campaigns.

Grassroots Europe policy dialogue (EN)

Events — International events

The Grassroots Europe network of more than 100 European civil society organizations from eight European countries (Hungary, Romania, Austria, Latvia, Italy, Albania, Croatia, Germany) met Brussels-based decision makers on 11 November 2013. Despite coming from diverse realities and policy contexts, these initiatives share a common characteristic: they all work at grassroots level with marginalized children and their communities, addressing issues of inequity in education, early school leaving, child poverty and social exclusion. 

We are happy to announce that the publication "Exploring Partnership (Cross-country Experiences from the Grassroots Europe for Local Wellbeing Initiative" has been recently published.


The volume provides a snapshot of the experiences of the micro-projects implemented in 2012 in Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Croatia and Germany and contains an exciting collection of interviews and insights on the projects, written by Hunor Király, the lead blogger of the Grassroots Europe project. 



Enjoy the reading!

AIM Association – Intercultural and Mobility Agency – and the Social Co-operative “Muovimente” of Viterbo, organized the NATIONAL PLANNING MEETING in the framework of the Grassroots Europe project in the marvellous location of Sermugnano, a small town located in the countryside of the province of Viterbo, Lazio, Italy.




Supported by the Grassroots Europe initiative, Hungarian grantee Uccu Roma Informal Education Foundation in partnership with four civil organizations has recently launched a campaign that aims to raise awareness on the positive aspects of inclusive education. Many parents have questions, doubts and fears when they find out that their children will learn together with a “different” child (autistic/Roma/children with special needs, etc.). To diffuse these fears, the campaign highlights the benefits and gains of inclusive education to the whole community, will provide better information to parents, as well as moderate a forum where concerns can be discussed.


Visegrád, Hungary


The Grassroots Europe International Workshop was held between 2-4 December in Visegrád (Hungary), a symbolic town for cooperation among the countries of the region.

We are pleased to announce that the “Grassroots Europe for Local Wellbeing Initiative" has been awarded the title of best practice project by EACEA, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union!


See the article on the project in the Citizen's Effect brochure.

In 2012, the Initiative has continued to support education and social inclusion grassroots organisations through enabling joint projects and actions aiming to work towards community cohesion and strengthened and flourishing grassroots civil society. A series of international and national level partnership-building events were held to crystallize crucial interventions aiming to strengthen the role of grassroots organisations in building open and cohesive societies and in mediating between vulnerable groups and the mainstream society.

The present volume is the outcome of the Grassroots Europe for Local Wellbeing project. It is divided into three parts, each addressing a different set of concerns: firstly, rethinking a unified approach to the role of grassroots organizations in enhancing local well-being; secondly, reconceptualizing practice from the standpoint of the grassroots organizations, and thirdly, addressing the challenges which lie ahead in policy prioritizing at both the national and the EU level.


Click here to get a pdf copy of the publication.

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Viktória Kur

Pictures from UCCU Roma Informal Educational Foundation and H2O's joint project aiming to raise awareness on cultural diversity among 3rd graders in

Resources — Background materials

Wellbeing is one of the most important topics of our project. In this presentation, you can familiarize yourself with the


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